Having a personal shopper in one’s employ is by no means a lifestyle necessity, however, and I quote the great 20th Century sage Ferris Bueller here: It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

Because if you are going to dedicate fat stacks to being more chic, why not do so knowing your in the safe hands of a seasoned professional? Today, Chloe Simpson will be your personal guide into the retail therapy Pleasure Dome.

Chloe, a graduate of Fashion Design and Textiles at Sydney’s Whitehouse College, has been a stylist and personal shopper for 10 years and now, based in London, she is doing her thing for one of the biggest luxury fashion retailers in the UK.

So what exactly does this enviable career title involve?

“The best part of being a personal shopper is everyday is different so I can do more then just fashion – really whatever the client needs. Last week a client bought a new house in the country.”


With a background in fashion buying and styling, she’s come to know the fashion world inside-out. “I’ve personally dressed celebrities for events, helped refresh someone’s wardrobe and also worked with VIP clients in departments stores – so I’ve worked across every facet of the industry really,” Chloe told us.

“I’ve accumulated a really large client list and had the pleasure of styling A-list celebrities and models like Karolina Kurkova, Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen and Candice Swanepoel which has been amazing.”

Her job is making people look fabulous, so it goes without saying the girl’s got style for days.

In our shoot, Chloe – who describes her personal oeuvre as “pretty meets modern” – wears zeitgeist-capturing present-day darlings like Victoria Beckham, Balmain and Isabel Marant; but when it comes to all-time favourites she puts legacy brands Valentino and Celine on top of the list.

“I love the lace and colours Valentino use. So elegant. While I love Celine’s simplicity with cut and construction. They do the best Cigarette pant which I wear everyday to work.”

And while fashion is her M.O. she believes beauty plays an important part of defining individual style: “I believe everything you do contributes to your style and character, and beauty plays a huge part in that,” she explains.

Her fashion preferences are all high luxury, but her beauty picks trend toward the more economical. That amazing olive complexion is tended to with good ol’ local pharmacy shelf-filler, Clean & Clear (“I have combination skin, so I do my best not to over strip with something really soapy”). And her current product obsession is similarly anti-fad:

“Lavender oil!” she instantly enthuses. “Shirley Page, True lavender. I put it on my face every night. It makes my skin glow and evens out any dry or oily areas. [And] I also always have Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour cream with me. I can’t live without it!”

She can’t live without her fiancé and his daughter either. Draping Karolina Kurkova in haute couture might be work-life but Chloe’s life-life time is about the important things. Like food in bed.

“A movie and a cosy breakfast in bed in winter, and then a walk in the park and brunch in Notting Hill in summer.” – That’s her description of a perfect Sunday morning. Professional retail therapy is strictly for during the week.

Photography by Owen Reynolds. 

Words by Susannah Tucker.

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