You can tell why they call it god’s country, gorgeous beaches on one side, an idyllic bay on the other. It’s supermodel territory. “The Body” herself, Elle McPherson once lived on this exact same street. There must be something in the water. Or there’s some sort of geographic genetic anomaly going on. Either way, it looks like they grow them hot down here.

Cheyenne Tozzi is to modelling what Sofia Coppola is to film: it’s in her blood.  Born into a modelling dynasty, her mother and aunts graced the covers of Vogue and worked on shoots around the world. At just three years old Cheyenne was modelling alongside Sarah O’Hare and at thirteen she was the youngest ever cover-girl on Harper’s Bazaar.

Now she’s all of 25.

We can’t pretend we’re not excited to step inside Tozzi HQ. The house is a classic 70s beach-style mansion, sprawling and gorgeous, all floorboards and natural light.  The ocean is as much a part of the place as the walls and the floor.

Enter Cheyenne. She’s well-known for posting instagram selfies completely make-up free.  Sometimes it looks like she’s just tumbled out of bed.  We think it’s because she has actually just tumbled out of bed.

Today is no exception.  Natural, looking fresh, she’s breathtaking.

“I try to focus more on how I feel rather than how I look,” she says.  And it’s funny, because real beauty can sometimes be deafening. We’ve seen this with other beautiful women: The things they say are often completely ignored.  They may be brilliant but it goes unnoticed because people are mesmerized and miss what comes out of their mouths.

But Cheyenne is making herself heard.

She is the Ultimate Slashie – model/mentor/presenter/musician. Besides regular modelling gigs that take her from Germany to the States and everywhere in between, she’s just been appointed host alongside Naomi Campbell and Nicole Trunfio on reality TV show The Face, she’ll mentor on the upcoming Foxtel juggernaut Australia’s Next Top Model and she’s the lead singer of band Van Hoorn. So much more than a pretty face.  Slash, slash, slash!

We know her style is laid back and effortlessly cool. Think cut-off denim shorts, Acne t-shirts and Isabel Marant boots.  But how does she do it? We asked her what her one tip was for achieving that effortless look she rocks so well and she laughs, “Just jump in the bay!”

It’s not just her style that’s laid back. Tozzi has that warm, relaxed nature that often gets imbedded into those growing up on coast. We spend the morning chatting about devil’s blood (yes, really) bee venom, the name of her future imaginary son, and Eddie Murphy (of course), but eventually we get to what we came here to do: rifle through her beauty loot.

“At the moment I’m using La Prairie products morning and night for my three-step skincare routine.”

Coconut oil gets a good run as well “I massage coconut oil through the ends of my hair and leave in overnight as a really intense treatment at least once a week.  I’m half Dutch and half Italian and everyone in the family has amazing hair, so I think it’s in our genes!”

Aaah, the genes. Maybe it is all about biology. Or perhaps it’s the water down here in “gods country” after all.  How else can you explain that everyone we spot as we drive away is bronzed, glowing, and astonishingly – happy.  Jump in.

Photographed by Rudy Zverina

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