Most times we’ve visited a DJ’s house it hasn’t been the most glamorous sight on earth. Vinyl everywhere. Coffee cups filled with cigarette butts, CD covers as drink coasters. You know the vibe. Then again, most times we’ve been at a DJs house its been after the after party, if you know what we’re saying, and everyone is looking a little… worse for wear. But Chelsea Leyland is not your regular DJ.

Far from it. She’s the loveliest set of contradictions you’ll ever meet and we love every last little complex bit about her. She works in nightclubs full of banging beats and flashing lights, yet she suffers from epilepsy. She’s the fashion people’s DJ of choice, likely to be wearing designer threads, and slathering some sort of luxurious cream on her skin, yet she only uses natural products. See what we mean?

But mostly, it’s refreshing when you feel there’s a genuine honesty and realness in amongst an industry that’s kind of known for the opposite. A self confessed ‘white witch’, Chelsea speaks softly, and candidly about her love for mixing lotions and potions and her natural and holistic outlook on health and beauty.  Maybe it’s in her blood…

“I grew up using oils. My mum always had lavender oil in the kitchen for when you had a burn. Oils are very powerful. I mean, I feel like I’m a bit of a white witch and I love tonics, and oils and things that come from the earth.”

Somehow, despite living in the concrete jungle of New York, it’s that love of the natural that she keeps coming back to. Like a sprig of grass forcing its way between the cracks of the pavement,  her deep connection to beauty and a real passion to getting back to basics is clear to see.

“A lot of people for many years were using all these fancy French products, and a lot of them are full of chemicals, and it’s kind of like, well what are you putting on your skin? I think that’s where we are getting to now, this big shift with people wanting to go back to using things from the earth. It’s sort of like, well let’s have a look, can we pronounce the names on things on the back of our products? And if we can’t, let’s think again.”

And with that she’s off. Rearing off in a cab to play some killer beats to some beautiful people at some awesome party.  Meanwhile we take a seat on the nearest stoop, head spinning about how many products we’re using.  When it comes to the sort of stuff we put on our bodies, Chelsea Leyland has definitely made us think. And in regards to our skin, she’s encouraged us to do what any good DJ does. Listen.

Photographed by Soraya Zaman, words by Carlie Fowler.

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