So it’s no secret that blue is having a bit of a moment right now, and we’re totally down with it. Models at Chanel (duh), Mary Katrantzou and Roksanda Ilincic, all sported different shades of blue down the runway, which really ticked our clock in a big way.

It’s not often we follow any old trend, but when Chanel’s Ligne Graphique liquid eyeliner landed on our desks, we totally jumped on that bandwagon.

This shade is all about upping your eye game in a big way. We seriously heart this shade because it’s a chill, understated option for after-dark. We tried it with some scepticism because we didn’t feel we were quite ready to break up with the classic black liner. But when we did, we were vibing hard and pretty much high fiving strangers. On the street. Not a good look.

It’s important to note here, this goes on like really wet paint, so you don’t want to be doing this in the car. But the good news is, it’s super precise, and rolls on nicely, even for all those liquid eyeliner virgins out there.

Oh and it also has serious staying power. No smearing or flaking, just slick lines. Apply two coats for an intense stare that makes Resting Bitch Face look like an emoji.

We saw, we tried, we liked. Get it here.