You know when you have to give a speech about your friend at their birthday? It’s always a little awkward and cringey. You want them to know how awesome you think they are, but you also don’t want to blow too much smoke up their arse. That’s kind of what it’s like writing this weeks profile, as it’s our very own Beauty Boss at TF HQ, Carmen Hamilton.

You’ve probably spotted her during one of your pinterest procrastination sessions or stumbled across the Chronicles of Her instagram (along with 191,000 others) wherever it is you’ve seen her, it’s highly likely she’s responsible for making you realise your dream girl wardrobe. Whether it’s her penchant for sneakers, her elegant, paired back monochromatic take on street style or her mean shoe game, Hamilton has in spades what we’re all secretly trying to achieve. Effortless cool.

But fashion aside, it’s actually that unperfectly perfect hair flick that has most of us turning our heads. So when we arrived at her Bondi beach pad what we were most interested in, was getting a blow-by-blow account of how she gets that killer #iwokeuplikethis hair.

“I find it looks best when I let it grow out a bit, deprive it of a hair brush and pack it full of texturising products.”

“After I wash it, I let it air dry – always! I scrunch a texturising product through the ends with my hand when it’s still damp. If I want it to look really textured, I’ll tie it back in a messy half bun when it’s almost dry, and let it out a few hours later. Then I spray it full of texture spray, and put some volumising powder (like EVO Haze Styling Powder) in the roots.“I change-up my hair quite often these days, it’s kind of like getting a whole new wardrobe (but much, much cheaper).

Not that Hamilton needs a new wardrobe. As a blogger she pretty much has clothes on tap (sigh). From Acne Brouges, to Saint Laurent blazers and Celine clutches, it’s a serious case of fashion porn. But with so many amazing pieces, she finds it impossible to pick a favourite.

“It’s like picking a favourite child! I’d wear head-to-toe The Row every day if I could afford it. But if I had to pick my most treasured outfit, I’d say my jazz costumes from when I was little. My mum hand-made them all.”

Which sounds pretty rad, and although she declined to let us shoot her in her jazzercise unitard, she did promise to wear them into the office on casual Friday. What a sport.

Words by Carlie Fowler

Photographed by Carlie Fowler


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