Let’s can the small talk and get straight to the ‘brows. Strategically whisked upward, Bambi Northwood Blyth’s brows give off an expression of faux-innocent surprise – like a guilty school girl playing the principal like a violin: “A cherry bomb? In the girls toilet block? I have no idea what you’re talking about, sir.”

It’s those signature brows and natural beach babe looks, coupled with an infectious sense of fun that have enamoured Bambi Northwood-Blyth to runway casting gurus for Balenciaga and CHANEL, fashion editors for the likes of Elle and V Magazine, and her husband of just over a year, Dan Single.

Now having relocated from Sydney to New York, home is still where Bambi’s heart is (“always Australia”, she insists) but she can easily check off plenty to love about New York City living: “Seeing the world from another perspective, going faster, working harder, being colder!”

The transition from Bondi to Big Apple hasn’t impacted her style at all. What she wears, how she wears it, and the messy hair still very much speak to her laid-back beach-kid quality – “lil’ bit dressy, lil’ bit messy” is her self-assessment of personal style. It might be a surprise, then, that her health and beauty routines are fairly rigorous.

“At the end of the day, I take [all my makeup] off. “Bioderma Crealine is great to get everything off. The Chanel Eye makeup remover is great too.” Bambi says – assuming she’s wearing makeup at all. “It can range from nothing to something, it changes depending on what day it is.”

When it comes to beauty, she’s not adverse to home-spun treatments either.

“I like to use my DIY coffee coconut scrub and get the skin glowing! Dry brush before showering, great for blood flow and keeping skin fresh. Then the coffee scrub with coconut oil and salt is such a good combo. Coffee stimulates the blood flow, salt is good for exfoliating, coconut oil hydrates and moisturises.”

And coincidentally, all three are good for eating!

Bambi isn’t one of those shrugging girls who blame fast metabolisms and genetics for looking amazing. Her exercise regimen is just as rigorous as her beauty routine.

She works out every single day – a necessary complement to her (statistically unsupported) recommendation that “a glass of Rosé a day keeps the doctor away.”

We should probably mention here that she and husband Dan created a signature rosé “Pour les Amour” in collaboration with South Australian winery Bird in Hand – so she’s a wine entrepreneur too.

Cheeky, fun and accomplished – maybe that’s the winning formula for “walking around like a hip bitch everywhere you go”? Pass the rosé…

photographed by Soraya Zaman

words by Susannah Tucker

Her Style File