As the Creative Director, Designer and Founder of Brother Vellies, Aurora James has whole heartedly taken on the job of shifting the narrative in the fashion industry to one of awareness, equality and an understanding of what it truly takes to be a brand with intention.

In just a few years, she has us all wanting to know who is behind the brands we wear, who actually makes the clothing or the accessories we buy and most importantly, has us all considering the purpose that lies behind the brand.

Recently, Aurora was nominated by Anna Wintour  in the CDFA Awards for Accessory Design, and previously she’s won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Also Kanye sits front row at her shows. Just saying.

So when we rolled up to her Brooklyn house come studio that she shares with photographer Jason Hardwick, let’s just say we weren’t disappointed. As you can expect, her wardrobe was filled with Valentino fur, Gucci dresses, vintage coats (including one passed down from her grandmother), pieces from her travels, and quirky one-off pieces (here’s looking at you, Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan wall dolls).

We also knew we were walking into a potential shoe mecca but nothing prepared us for the rows of Beaded Maasai Sandals accented with brass buckles and hand dyed feathers, shearling Souk Sandals, shearling mules…there’s a point where you want to play it cool and not rip off your converse high tops and try on every pair. So we waited until she left the room.

But when we really got down to the serious business of rummaging through her beauty gear, we were intrigued at the mix of the natural vs the heavy duty, her obsession with Origins and her very low key hair routine, which sees her wash her hair every 7-10 days (hint? Only using heat when blow drying on day one, and a lot of bumble and bumble product).

And her make-up routine is refreshingly as low-fi; her daily MO consists of blush (“her under the radar saviour”) and lots of moisture in the form of Origins ‘A Perfect World’ range. Which is apt, because being immersed in Aurora’s world, for just a day, certainly felt like something . And summed up nicely in how she starts every day, “happiness, love and being grateful that every day I have choice, sets me free.” Amen to that.

Photographed by Kelly Geddes. Words by Carlie Fowler.

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