When it comes to make-up, winged eyeliner might as well be the Mona Lisa.

Most of our attempts end up taking a turn for the worse, leaving us with wonky wings, a completely unflattering shape or, more often than not, a big smudged mess.

Shaky hands from our morning coffee don’t help either, and if something’s gotta give, the eyeliner is the first to go.

But with New Year’s Eve just around the corner, we wanted to get practising.

A winged eye can be your best accessory, and it’s cheaper than a Birkin. A quick slick of liquid liner across the eyelids can instantly take your New Year’s outfit from A to B, and you can pretty much get away with wearing hardly any other make-up at all.

So we wanted to find a recipe for success every time. Turns out, it’s actually really easy.

Follow our fail-safe guide to getting it right. We’ll have you winging it in no time.