Rifling through the suitcase of Amanda Shadforth post-Paris Fashion Week is like pulling never-ending scarves from of a magicians top hat – a seemingly limitless chain of Ellery, Isabel Marant, Hermes, Celine – they just keep coming.

It’s no wonder. She’s a digital influencer of the fashion kind and she knows what’s up. Style, beauty, trends – she’s across it all, and with Amanda Shadforth über blog Oracle Fox leading the charge, we jumped at the chance to pin her down for even a few hours between her unending schedule of shows, events and appointments.

First up, the suitcase. Ah, the suitcase. It’s like a bloggers second home, and we dived right in. Full of shoes, beauty gear, fashion stuff, we totally feigned indifference, while secretly loving it sick.

And Mandy’s beauty bag didn’t disappoint either, part low-fi part ultimate wish list. “I’m very low maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine! It’s all about simplicity, really clean skin and good coverage,” she explains.

And for those time-poor work days of pre-dawn call-times and red-eye flights? “You can’t go wrong with a messy bun, nude lips and lined eyes“ -Amanda Shadforth also stresses that she can’t live without black eyeliner. We hear you sister.

She credits clean eating for her luminous skin. “I love to eat healthy and generally skip processed foods. Living in a hot climate I drink lots of water and we all know that’s the best thing you can do for you skin.” She continues, “I love a really subtle beauty look as it compliments the kind of tomboy, monochrome style that I wear.” Oh, and her secret beauty weapon? A Clarisonic.

With behind-the-scenes access to the worlds style elite, (while in Paris she was invited to visit the Louis Vuitton Atelier in Asniéres, for example – kind of a big deal) it’s refreshing to note that her hair guru of choice is home-grown, “My stylist Jon Pulitano (of Head Case in Paddington) is always able to freshen up my look with a really great, current cut that suits my face,” before adding “Vince Noble is a colour genius.”

But just how does she look so fresh and polished while bouncing between time zones and fashion capitals? “SKII facemasks are a bit of an industry secret for feeling fresh after a larger-than-expected evening and for re-hydrating skin after a long flight,” Noted. “Oh and I always carry black nail polish – it’s the best colour to cover up chips when you’re on the go.”

And with that, she’s off to her next appointment, in a wave of her signature scent (Black Orchard by Tom Ford). Big Day? More like Big life.

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