Last week, over 5 million ladies around the globe came together for the Women’s March to protect legislation and policies regarding human rights and other issues. Together they rallied and spoke out against threats to women’s rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, the environment, LGBTQI rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and workers’ rights. The protest came at an especially pertinent time given that the USA, and the world at large, is starting to feel the devastating effects voting Donald Trump into power is having.

The march may have ended, but there’s still ways in which we can all meaningfully protest on a daily basis, however small. While we know it’s not going to change the world, we decided that we’ll be getting hot ‘n’ sweaty to tunes made exclusively by some of our fave lady legends this week, in a bid to remind ourselves that one of the best acts of resistance is self-love. Get your best girlfriends together, let them know how much they mean to you, and then do whatever exercise it is that makes you all feel your most A+.

Musty old men like Donald Trump might be encouraging us to hate our bodies, but don’t worry, ’cause ladies like Pussy Riot, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Kelis will always have our athleisure wear-clad backs. Feel yourself below.


Words, Madeleine Woon.