Third time’s a charm, they say. And by charm I mean completion. And by completion I mean I just had my third baby. I’m all done having kids!

It’s such a magical time. For me, it’s having all these incredible humans and myself creating new bonding experiences, a house full of love, a husband at home (gosh I love him near me!), and getting my body back into shape (this is where body oil comes into play). That’s where I want to begin. What products to use on your face and body during pregnancy? Because what we do during this time is ultimately the stepping stone for how easy it’ll be for our skin to come back to its original form.

While one thing has been consistent, I’ve been obsessed with what it takes to keep my body healthy and looking as close to my pre-pregnancy body as possible. Most importantly, I’ve obsessed over what’s in products I use during pregnancy to keep my babies healthy. This is because everything we put on our skin—okay, everything we do—as mamas affects our babies. Here’s the low-down on my top five pregnancy-safe products you should definitely use during your pregnancy to make your post-pregnancy journey easier.

  1. For the prevention of stretch marks, I use African Botanics Marula Intense Skin Repair Balm. During pregnancy I would rub this wonderfully textured item all over my belly, back, butt, and top of my thighs.
  2. For a refreshing mist, I used May Lindstrom’s The Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist. I find it important to have small moments with myself and a beautifully scented mist re-centres my emotions when I am with or without all my babes.
  3. For a powerful and moisturizing face oil (dehydration during pregnancy and while breastfeeding is so real), I used Cocokind’s Organic Chia Facial Oil. It’s made of only the finest and purest ingredients.
  4. For my back aches, I used the African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel. The cooling and warming effects of this gel really kept my pre-pregnancy track days aches and pains at bay. (Side note: I ran track in college on a full scholarship and my back was injured from triple jumping. The aches still flare up when there is heavy stress on my body.)
  5. For acne prevention, I use Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 two times a day. This formula is wonderful for all skin types, and, although a little pricey, is worth it for your skin.

Each product I hold near and dear to my heart (and body). Overall, the most endearing lesson to be learned and practiced when caring for your body while expecting is remembering to be kind to yourself through your own personal experiences. Pregnancy and childcare are personal journeys that should be cherished. As someone once told me, you are the liaison between Heaven and Earth. There is power in that. There is also power in flourishing skin. Cheers to your enlightenment!

Words and photography, TyLynn Nguyen.