If Korean skincare was a car, it would be a Tesla. It’s fast, hi-tech, maybe not the most sustainable…but certainly a wunderkind of innovation and a breeding ground for trends that trickle down (or up?) to the world’s biggest brands. Snail essence? That was them. Sheet masks? Yah. BB cream, CC cream, DD cream and cushion compacts? You get the picture.

The list goes on…and on and on and on and oooon. A list so long, in fact, it would be humanly impossible for a single beauty editor to trial every rumoured miracle product on the K-Beauty market and report back a comprehensive list with complete certainty. So, once again, we called out for your Korean skincare intel: What do you love? What do you not love? What works??

You guys were ultra, ultra impassioned when it came to filling us in on the products that have changed your lives. Like, literally. Cue many a *Holy Grail* name drop, a liberal dose of exclamative statements (!!!), and a touch of CAPSLOCK. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re checking out to add every single one of your suggestions to our carts.


Dr. Jart Cicapair was actually so amazing for my redness. Totally recommend for sensitive skin.” – @owenbenwa

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream… So good I won’t be buying foundation ever again!” – @antobents

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream is like a drink for parched skin! Love!” – @natashaearthling

“Washing your face with the water you’ve rinsed uncooked white rice with ????” – @hyejoowoo

CosRx Propolis Light Ampoule. Softest, glowiest, most hydrated skin. No more dry patches. Almost everything from CosRx, actually. Protip: avoid creams and masks w/ silicone – skin can’t breathe.” – @iconicadobo

“Dr. Jart Cicapair Recover Cream is my holy grail!! I converted all 4 of my roommates!” – @tavareese

“HUGE love to Mizon Sparkling Lemon Peel and Benton Fermentation Essence. And love CosRx! Aloe sunscreen and BHA solution.” – @dudeinuniverse

Amore Pacific chemical exfoliator is AMAZING!! So gentle but leaves skin crazy soft.” @tessafier

Olivarrier Dual Moist Toning Lotion is my current fav toner! So light yet moisturizing!” – @kat_thekat

CosRx pimple patches! Works wonders overnight – redness & texture of pimples are gone.” – jjadesimon

“Puriface sheet masks!” – @ariadimalanata

“10 step routines aren’t effective. I love the products but your skin can’t absorb that much!” – @catkiene_

“Dr Jart. firming mask works wonders and I love Cicapair!!” – @simone.sarah_