Your skincare products become less effective over time

False. Your skincare products don’t change, your skin does. For example, if your skin was looking lacklustre, and you started using a serum with brightening properties, the initial results are going to be a lot more obvious than say, 4 months down the track when your skin has improved and is maintaining it’s glow anyway.

You shouldn’t use retinol in your 20’s 

Everything in moderation, we say. Don’t go overboard, but a very small amount when needed can give your skin a much-needed boost. Proceed with caution though – over-doing it can thin-out your skin, and make it more red and irritated in the long run. If you want to try it, do it. Just make sure you wear a broad spectrum sunscreen at all times.

You should never pick a pimple

False. You should try to avoid it if you can, but if it’s gotta go, it’s gotta go. We know how that feels.

Just make sure you’re fresh out of a hot shower (so your pores are open), it’s ripe for the picking (not deep under the surface) and use tissues – NOT your fingernails. Finally, press the skin, don’t squeeze.

Exfoliating fixes pigmentation

False. Over-exfoliating can irritate your skin, and even make pigmentation look worse. Gentle lightening products work best, but be patient.

Any facial is a good facial

False. Look for specialist treatments that will target your areas of concern. The quality of the results is dependant on many things – particularly who’s doing it, and the products they use, so do your research.

Exfoliating every day is bad

False. It depends on how sensitive your skin is, and what type of exfoliator you use. Chemical exfoliators like lactic acid are actually more gentle than scrubs when used correctly. Pay attention to how your skin responds, and try different products until you find one your skin loves.

It’s ok if you skin feels super-tight after washing. Super-tight = super-clean. 


That ‘tight’ feeling is your skin telling you to go easy on the harsh detergents. Your skincare shouldn’t rob your skin of its natural oils. Trust us, you’ll just upset its natural balance (and it will probably retaliate with more oil, and more breakouts).

Your diet impacts your skin

True. Your body uses the minerals and vitamins from the food you eat to repair and ‘feed’ the skin. We’re not saying downing a whole bunch of kale can cure acne, but starting your skincare efforts with a nutrient-dense diet (packed with these 14 skin-boosting foods) is key.

Blackheads are caused by trapped dirt on your skin

False. They actually caused by a build-up of dead skin and oil. That’s why regular exfoliation is key.