People who are into beauty talk about Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil like my grandma does the royal family—inappropriately often, and borderline fanatically. Because of this, I was a fan before I’d even tried it. I love oils, I love sleeping, and I love pretty bottles, so it was a sure bet I’d fall in love with Luna, too.

As anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of sharing a bed with me will tell you, I am an aggressive, restless sleeper with a fondness for fly kicking blankets off myself during the night and/or staking claim to as much mattress territory as my wandering limbs allow. I thrash about, grind my teeth, and talk in my sleep. Each morning, I wake with a frown on my expressive face, which was enough to influence me to introduce a product to my nightly routine that might help part of me relax (since my dreams have obviously failed me in this department).

Along with going to the movies or dinner by myself, a big goal for me this year was to make amends for previous travesties I’d inflicted on my skin. I was finally ready to trade in the dull, red skin of years past for a plump glow. I must admit I’m yet to catch a flick or grab a bite by myself, but my skin has seen some of its better days in 2017—and a big player in this shift was the Luna oil.

Snoozing in this miracle worker means I consistently wake up to hydrated and plump AF skin, which is a pretty solid consolation prize for not waking up to my one tru luv, A$AP Rocky, every day. The oil is moisturising (but not greasy), has been very adept at reducing my fine lines, and has worked with my other ride-or-dies to ensure my psycho skin is less Freddy Krueger and more Kate Moss circa 1990. I’m normally a bit skeptical when it comes to retinol products, since my skin has become increasingly more sensitive over the years, but I’ve seen absolutely no side effects from this, unless having radiant skin counts as a side effect. I am hooked.

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Sarah Adamson.