Hello and welcome to Episode 2 of my micro-needling saga! (Episode 1 available for your reading pleasure here). This time we delve one step deeper, venturing into the realm of the professional clinic to see what kind of damage (but, like, positive damage) we can do to my face.

Before we begin, let’s take a step back. The reason I have a mild obsession with skin needling is a) because I am a skincare evangelist truly invested in keeping my face baby-fresh, and b) because I believe in SCIENCE, people. Micro-needling ticks both of those boxes. Basically, it’s a form of Collagen Induction Therapy which creates tiny pricks in the skin, initiating trauma and kick-starting collagen production – and collagen keeps us looking gewd (read: plump, hydrated, elastic, healthy).

That said, there are very few places in this world I will trust with piercing tiny, repetitive 2mm+ holes in my face for the better part of an hour. So I decide to place myself into the very capable hands of The Clinic, one of Sydney’s most prestigious professional cosmetic clinics, renowned for their no-nonsense approach to beauty.

No fluff, all business.

On arrival, I’m greeted by Kaye Scott, co-director, registered nurse and skincare expert who briefs me on what to expect. With one swift look she’s analysed the calibre of my skin and outlined precisely where my current routine is failing me. Like I said, it’s all straight-shooting business here. (But hey, in this post-postmodern, ego-driven world I think we all need a little more honesty and a little less filtering). She stresses the fact that SkinPen (the specific type of micro-needling device they use), is not an instant skin fix, but over a course of 2-3 treatments I will have a very noticeable improvement in fine lines and pigmentation, plus the overall tone and texture of my skin. As an ex-solarium baby only just recovering from a bout of pill-induced adult acne, I am HERE for this. She promises I’ll love it, and with that, applies a thick layer of numbing cream to my face and leaves me to read my novel for 60 minutes.

An hour on and Kirsty, my nurse, gets the treatment underway. She makes me feel completely at ease, and to be honest, the pain factor is non-existent. If we’re being real, the shock factor comes afterward: I’m bright red and I stay that way until late in the evening.  Kristy warns against using any kind of makeup for the next three days as we’ve just created micro-channels in my face (cute!), so I stick religiously to her prescribed regime of a hyaluronic acid serum and The Clinic’s Cleansing Pads. Feeling adventurous (and still a little on the dry side), I complement this with my own personal favourite, Akhal 100% Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil which provides its own natural collagen boosters to the skin.

Skip forward three days and my skin feels plumper, glowier (dare I say thicker?) and I’ve noticed that my hyperpigmentation continues to fade much faster than usual. And somewhat predictably, I am now obsessed.

Words, Carly Rogers.