Linda Rodin is quite possibly one of our favourite women. When you combine the aesthetic and sensibility of one of the most stylish women we know, with a passion project, you’re bound to get something extraordinary.

And that’s how we feel about Rodin Oilio Lusso, the beauty brand that’s starting to monopolise our shelf space. Founded by Linda and developed over many years in her own bathroom, these oils – face and body – are deeply luxurious, deeply nourishing and of course, anti-ageing. One look at her skin, and we’ll have what she’s having every. single. time.

And here at THE FILE, we’re suckers for a cult product (obvs…) So when we get our hands on something we’ve been hearing good things about for years, and it actually lives up to the hype, we can’t help but give you our two cents worth.

There are now hundreds of face oils on the market. But this one is not like any other. Combining evening primrose, jasmine oil and sweet almond oil, this is, as it’s name suggest’s, luxurious.

The product is best described by Rodin herself, “When you put it on it’s a sense of well being, in French it’s called ‘bien-etre’. It feels good, it smells good, and you feel kind of dewy.”

We’ve been enjoying massaging this into bare skin before bed, or adding a few drops mixed with our foundation to keep things looking super fresh.

Seriously, if we could afford to bath in the stuff we would. This is one to add to your wish list – fast. Highly, highly recommend.

Get it here.