Align your chakras, and those of your loved ones, this Christmas care of Rock & Co. The masters of good vibes have a range of crystals that are good for the soul and great on the eyes.

First up, let’s talk aesthetics. Nothing spruces up a room quite like a cluster of little crystal babies, and even the skeptics among us can get behind filling our lives/homes with pretty ornaments. They’ll sit perfectly next to your lush indoor plants, surrounding your scented candles, snuggling up next to all the new beauty products you (hopefully) scored on Christmas morning, and next to the pile of books on your bedside table.

Outside of the crystals looking really beautiful, they each have their own unique metaphysical properties that will help out your soul/mind. There’s rose quartz — a soft pink crystal that’s known as the stone of love, Amethyst —which is known for making you feel still, grounded and content, Apophyllite — which is referred to as the ‘stone of truth’, Citrine — which is all about bringing warmth, energy and growth to yo’ life,  Clear Quartz — the endlessly versatile crystal that will help to heal and protect, Kyanite — which inspires loyalty, honesty and a sense of calm, and Pyrite — which is said to be a traditional symbol for wealth and good luck.

Get them here.

Words, Madeleine Woon.