In every interview with a model I’ve ever read, two questions are always asked. One is hypothetical: If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing? The answer, I’d say seven times out of ten, is “Marine biologist”. I’m not sure what models think marine biologists do, but I assume it involves talking clams and mermaid couture. The other question plays more to a model’s strengths: What are your tips for great skin? The answer is usually some variation of “Eight hours sleep and plenty of water”. And while I don’t think they’re lying – unlike when they say “I eat burgers all the time” and “I’m a massive nerd” – I’ve always thought “Have good genes” would be a more helpful suggestion.

I get eight hours sleep a night. I’m a freelance writer, sometimes I get eight hours sleep a day. I drink what I think constitutes “plenty of water” and spend most days makeup free. Twice a day I cleanse, I tone, I serum, I moisturise; I exfoliate religiously and have regular facials. And while not terrible, my skin certainly isn’t “great”.

The problem:

Until a few years ago, my skin actually was pretty great. I rarely had breakouts and it was downright freaking dewy. That changed when I went off the pill for the first time in 15 years. Since then, even after going back on it, my skin is dry, with frequent breakouts and hyperpigmentation. Pigment serum, brightening cream, peels, microderm and LED treatments have helped the pigmentation, but the dryness is still a big problem. I mean it’s not a big problem in comparison to say, climate change, but it’s a bigger problem than say, an ingrown hair.

Thinking back on the model mantra, if I’m getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and doing all the right things while I wake, maybe I can do more while I dream…

The products:

I’ve recently discovered Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon, mostly because it sounds like the skincare equivalent of a hug. It promises all the things we want in a night gel – radiance, vitality and reduced signs of skin fatigue. Plus, it goes above and beyond its call of gel-ly duty by “actively promoting deep, restful sleep”. Basically it takes a bunch of oils you’re used to putting in oil burners, such as Lavender and Sandalwood, and puts them IN YOUR FACE. And anything that nurtures nap-time is cool by me.

After a long hiatus, I’ve also returned to a Dermalogica classic, and it seems to be paying off. After just a few weeks using Skin Smoothing Cream my skin feels better, looks fresher and the texture seems to be inching towards to its once dewy glory. I personally think it’s knocked a few years off my visible age, but then I also need new glasses.

It’s been updated with Active Hydra-Mesh Technology™ which sounds sciencey, and science is never wrong. It allegedly hydrates skin for 48 hours. So it’s literally helping my skin WHILE I SLEEP! TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! I’m terrible at maths but if every time I apply it, it works for two days, and I apply it twice a day, every day, that’s a fuck tonne of hydration, right?

So, if like me you like your face creams like you like your men (nocturnal and hydrating), give these a go. You could think you look five years younger with your glasses off too.

Words, Nadine Van Cohen