Nothing is as adept at spicing up your life — or making you feel down with yo’ body — than a fresh new set of lingerie. If you’re anything like us, you can be forgiven for sometimes (most times) neglecting your nether region by way of clothing it in old, far-too-practical cotton undies that your grandma would love. It happens. We’re creatures of comfort, our grandmas are wise, comfort is key, etc. etc.

A good way to determine whether or not you need to bin a pair of undies or an old bra is to picture yourself going for an impromptu night swim with a group of new friends. If you suspect your knickers might be the source of much embarrassment and social shame, then it’s probably time they were evicted from your underwear drawer.

Your *peach emoji* deserves better than a 5-pack of Kmart briefs this Christmas. Start 2017 on a sassy note and invest in some sexy new lingerie care of best new online destination for women,

Parfemme stocks a whole host of covetable undergarments — along with premium sex toys, beautiful jewellery, swish basics, and a beaut selection of must-reads that are aimed at the ladies. Before you spend hours on Parfemme learning all about the female orgasm or throwing your entire pay check at Holly Ryan jewellery, take a look at our top 3 favourite lingerie buys in the above gallery. Trust us, you’ll never have to wear pants around the house again!

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Words, Madeleine Woon.