Lately I’ve been feeling that cold weather lull. After trudging through the pits of a particularly frosty New York City winter for what seemed like one month too many, I’ve been lacking inspiration on so many fronts. I’m yearning for newness, spring outfits, a swim in the ocean, or that summer hair and skin I crave all year round. This winter just past took a particularly rough toll on my skin, and no amount of bronzer or blush could get rid of my dull and tired-looking complexion.

Along with the season came fashion week, studying, and social media—and it all piled up. In a bid to fit it all in, the late nights followed (more than I care to admit, and sometimes accompanied by one too many glasses of red). Then came the stress, and finally, a mini skin meltdown.

Full disclosure: when it comes to choosing skincare, I like to think of myself as a results-driven kind of girl—if it works after trialing it for a few weeks, I’m sold. But I’m no beauty editor, and when faced with page upon page of products online, I usually end up browsing for an hour before it all becomes a bit too overwhelming. This time around, I decided to skip the scrolling, picked up my phone, and called a friend of mine who works in beauty. She told me this:

“Look for a serum with a high and stable vitamin C content, along with added brightening, hydrating, and plumping ingredients.”

She then pointed me straight to Sephora to pick up a bottle of the Daily Vitamin C from Omorovicza, a Hungarian brand that fuses natural ingredients with cutting edge science—both things I can get on board with.

As fate would have it, I started using it right before a trip to Aspen and figured if something could transform my skin on the ski slopes, it had a place in my cabinet forever. After the first application, I was already blown away by how radiant and hydrated my skin looked. It was obvious that my skin had been aching for a dose of hydration and vitamins that grey skies and a carb-heavy diet could (sadly) not deliver. Generally, I’m a pro at hydrating and moisturizing, though during this skin epiphany I realized I’d been relying on my foundation as a quick cure-all for that healthy glow. The kind of glow that can only be achieved with the right base: a deeply nourished and protected complexion.

Turns out my over-tired 20-something-year-old face needed vitamin C the most. There are other ingredients you need to be aware of in your 20s and 30s—hyaluronic acid, peptides, AHAs/BHAs, retinol—but it’s the vitamin C that gives you the glow, protects against environmental stress, helps your skin feel firmer, brightens pigmentation, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. I’m also a firm believer in the idea that, no matter how young you are, it’s never too early to start prepping your skin for age lines and sun damage.

After three days of using it morning and night, my skin was firmer and bouncy to touch. Not brighter just yet, but more awake. It was also extremely soft and hydrated, thanks to the added benefit of skin-quenching hyaluronic acid. To make sure I wasn’t simply imagining things, I asked my fellow ski buddies to run their hands over my cheeks (note: this is not a natural tendency of mine). They were in awe. So in awe, in fact, one of them even went so far as to ask where she could get a bottle of her own. I even got that much sought-after “your skin feels like a baby’s bottom” comment.

After a mere week of using Omorovicza’s Daily Vitamin C, my skin began to radiate a lit-from-within glow, and it now permanently feels as if I’ve just walked out from a mini facial. That’s a long way from the mini skin meltdown that took place not so long ago. As mentioned earlier, I’m results-driven, and anything that delivers in such a big way, so quickly, earns a permanent place in my cabinet.

As I write, I’ve been performing my daily vitamin C ritual for almost two weeks, and during that time my skin has only continued to become softer and more radiant. I also discovered that it works wonders for fine lines (I have baby lines creeping in next to my nose and mouth), so if you’re in the market, this is the one for you!). Omorovicza has certainly become The One for me, a Holy Grail find that has me dreaming of golden beaches, sun-kissed skin, and technicolored sunsets while trudging through the snow… only this time, I’ll have my summer glow with me no matter the season.

Words and images, Christie Tyler.