Oh hey guys. Not sure if you caught fashion week but basically, spring is all about bright whites – crisp shirting, soft summer dresses and billowy palazzo pants, chic as.

So we’ve been working on different ways to wear white. And since we’re the kind of girls that like to keep it undone in the beauty department, it’s all about making the most of your assets. And not those assets, gutter girl, we’re talking teeth. And when it comes to teeth, we like ours white. No good wearing a crisp white shirt when your grill is all like yellow up in there.

Srsly tho, who wants to spend a weeks rent on  the dentist when you could spend that on Aquazurra lace-up sandals?? Also, we did some research and most of the whitening products you can buy off the shelf, are kind of laden with chemicals, and not so great for your mouth, or the rest of your body for that matter.

We’ve been hearing about oil pulling for a while now. It claims to make your teeth shades whiter, but it also has a host of other health benefits, like removing all the bacteria from your mouth. But mostly, we tried it because Gwenyth told us to.

The ancient Indians did it for holistic health benefits, but also, it was super hard to find Colgate and Oral B whitening strips back then so they kinda had to improvise.

We did it in the morning (best time, when bacteria in the mouth is at an all time high). You take a tablespoon of pure, organic coconut oil and swish it around your mouth and through your teeth for as long as you can (around 15-20 minutes). Taking a shower while you do it is a good idea.

After 15 or so mins, spit it out, rinse, and then clean our teeth. Spitting out is NOT optional, otherwise you’re swallowing all the nasty bacteria that have taken up residence in your mouth overnight. Yum.

And the results. Day 1, no change. Day 2, no change. Day 3, no change. Day 4, the biggest non-believer at THE FILE HQ, Ridley, goes, “Holy s*it, I think it’s actually working…”. After a week, a definite change. After a month, and at the time of writing this, our teeth are definitely two shades whiter, and we’re bouncing out of bed in the AM.

So go get happy. We definitely recommend.

Oh, and thanks Gwenny.