If you think your pre-summer vacay bikini wax is high-maintenance, think again.

Taking care of down there has been stepped-up a notch, thanks to New York-based salon J. Sisters, who’ve just added ‘vagina facial’ (or vajaycial, as Page Six called it) to their menu.

First, let us give you the backstory – the seven sisters from Brazil (aka J. Sisters) are kind of pioneers in that area; they brought Brazilian waxing to the Big Apple and tend to the lady gardens of Naomi Campbell and Gwyneth Paltrow, who (according to Oprah, from whom every word is Gospel) said they “changed her life”.

Pretty much a vajazzler’s dream, the vagina facial uses ‘Gommage Therapy’ (gommage being the French word for “to erase”) to treat ingrown hairs and “cosmetic issues”, so the J. Sisters say.

Basically, it’s like an exfoliating cream which is applied to the area and removed using massage. That doesn’t sound so scary, right? But wait, there’s more…

You can now also get a new ‘do for your hair down there with their hair dying and grooming service called ‘J. Sisters Couture’.