On her hair:

“I have naturally curly hair so I try to wear it as natural as possible. When I was born my hair was really curly, spiral curly… crazy. The longer it gets, the less curly it gets, but every time I cut it, it goes so curly.

It’s so damaged from straightening it all the time, so I try and give it a break. I keep it pretty low key, I basically just wash it and put the Bumble and Bumble surf infusion in it when still wet. I really like it because it’s not as heavy and crunchy as some of the other sea salt sprays and it feels more natural.

I started using this new shampoo, Nioxin, and it’s really good. It’s got this minty smell that I like and it thickens your hair. I’ve been using it for six months and my hair is already so much thicker and healthier. It’s super easy and low maintenance, I use the conditioner as well.”

On her skincare:

In the morning I’ll take a shower and wash my face with my Velocity cleanser. I’ve been using it since I was in high school and it’s always worked.

Then I use La Mer Renewal Oil and the La Mer Moisturizing Cream. They work really well together and after using these two together, I rarely need to wear makeup, actually I use these two instead of foundation.

My skin is pretty good, but if I’ve been on shoots and wearing lots of make-up, I might get the odd spot, and my tip is leaving it as much as possible. The best thing you can do is put a warm face cloth over it. You need to be careful with pimples, the more you do to them the worse they get.”

On her makeup:

“Every now and again for a daytime look I use Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, as well as some mascara. I like the Tom Ford as it gives you a little shimmer. It’s the perfect balance – the highlighter doesn’t make you too white and shiny. It’s just the perfect daytime, tanned glow.

Whenever I go out I always use the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eye Palette. I usually line top and bottom of my eyes with the lighter brown, then I use the darker eye shadow and I finish up with Tom Ford bronzer for a light contour.

I only use the Tom Ford contour from the shade and illuminate palette if I’m tanned as I think it can be too strong for paler skin tones. Also, for red carpet events, it’s great with all the camera flashes.”

On her shopping:

“My go to shopping spot is Saint Laurent Soho. I also go to All Saints which has a similar vibe to Saint Laurent but a lot cheaper and super comfy.

I love Acne jeans. They don’t stretch and don’t fade.

I have a secret store in Tribecca. It’s so good, it has Balmain, Saint Laurent, basically a better selection than Barneys but I can’t reveal my secret!!

Basically my style motto is if Wiz Khalifa wears it I would wear it. If he approved of my outfit, I would definitely wear it. It’s all about the rockstar rapper swag * laughs *.”

On her brows:

“I used to get my brows waxed until I was 15. Then my Dad told me they’d fall out so I stopped and I keep them completely natural now. I don’t have them done but I use a brush to brush them up and fill them in a little with a brow pencil.”

“I love nude lips. If I wear a red, I love a dark red, like NARS Scarlett Express, as it feels a little more mysterious.

I usually watch the makeup artists to get tips. If I see a look I really like in a magazine, I’ll tear it out. The best industry tip I’ve heard is to use a lip stain, because it doesn’t come off your lips and can look really natural.”

On her health:

“I do Hip Hop Yoga at Y7, they have it in Soho and Flatiron. It’s a dark room lit with candles, and they set the temperature at 85 degrees, they play Jay Z, Biggie or Drake. It’s a nice little twist on yoga. It’s a little faster but not too crazy, so you get your sweat on.

I try to box at Mendez about three times a week.

It’s more of a traditional boxing club so you get a great workout.

I also do SLT too for my abs… it’s Pilates on a reformer.

Mixing it up is the best way to work out. Pilates reformer, boxing, doing a bunch of different stuff is really great for your body, as you’re working different muscle groups and you’re not in a routine.”

On her diet:

“I eat healthily, but I try not to stress about it too much. I do really enjoy a burger. My favourite NYC burger would probably be B&B which is in Soho, they do a really good burger.

I take multivitamins… specifically the Flinstones buttons * laughs *.

I love cooking Italian food. I only started getting into cooking when I moved here (New York). I love making all different types of salads, especially with quinoa. I have SO many cookbooks. I would cook every day if I could but I aim to cook at least 3 times a week.”

On her perfect Sunday:

“Sundays are the best relaxation days. I go to brunch and then chill out for the rest of the day. I’ll watch a bunch of TV shows like Shameless.”