It’s not exactly new news that Korean women have been onto something in the skin department for centuries. We mean, all the hard (or should we say soft?) proof you need is right there on their perfectly preserved, poreless, beaming faces. Sure, genetics play a part, but that doesn’t discount the fact that there’s a lot to be gleaned from the rituals and routines of the aptly coined K-beauty craze.

You’ve probably already adopted some of their basic principles whether you’re aware of it or not.

That oil cleanser you swear by? They did it first. Your beloved facial essence? That was them, too. And now the best thing to come out of Korea since K-Pop, is a little thing called ‘cushion’ foundation – something we’re pretty damn excited about here at THE FILE HQ.

In simple, easy-to-understand speak, it’s a liquid foundation built-into a compact (we’re talking Comme des Garcons clutch-friendly) cushion that releases exactly the right amount every time. Sounds straightforward enough, but it’s actually revolutionary. First out of the blocks is Lancôme’s appropriately named ‘Miracle Cushion’ and guys, after using it, our minds are officially blown.

The first of its kind out of Asia, this is the future of foundation. It’s a take-anywhere, use anytime, totally customisable, skin-perfecting hybrid. We call it a ‘hybrid’ not ‘foundation’, because it’s so. much. more. Ditch the primer, scrap the powder. Forget every other thing you use to get your glow on because everything you need for 10/10 skin is right here, right now (K-ool).

At first you’ll notice a slightly cooling sensation which, (apart from feeling super refreshing) calms the skin down and leaves it looking bright, hydrated and fresh. But unlike most foundations, this looks like you’re wearing nothing. Tick. This also means you can continue to touch up throughout the day wherever you need it but it never clumps or goes cakey. Tick, Tick.

Kudos, Korea. Sharing is caring.

And here’s where you get it.

By Carmen Hamilton.