Happy Tuesday, guys! Another weekend bites the dust, and if, at the end of it, you weren’t the remorseful owner of a spritz-induced headache and a lean bank balance, then good for you—you’re doing better than some (me)! What did you guys get up to? I was in Byron Bay. Aside from filling my bladder with an assortment of costly, chilled liquors, I carpe’d the diem all weekend long by surfing, bushwalking, spa-hopping (more on that later), cooking, eating, and sitting around various tables with my close friends, marvelling at how wonderful they all are. Overall, you could say my weekend was a solid lit out of ten, undeterred by the one-woman pity party that’s going down at my desk right now.

Despite some fierce competition, the greatest takeaway from my activity-heavy weekend was rediscovering my passion for face wipes. Forward planning is not my area of strength, and this stretches as far as my ability to pack with my future self’s best interests at heart. I was in Byron Bay for 10 days in total. My cleanser dried up on Day 5.

My holiday budget, while very accommodating when it came to things like eating and drinking, did not account for such ~frivolous~ pursuits as replenishing my Dermalogica supply. Instead, I drove to the nearest chemist and hunted down the first pack of face wipes I could find: Simple Cleansing Wipes. The ensuing days were a real exercise in less is more, and led to me forming the unpopular but wholly unwavering opinion that face wipes are the true MVP of the beauty werld.

Face wipes play to my strengths. I like to find the most direct route to getting a job done (often incorrectly mistaken as laziness), and there’s no quicker way to remove makeup, cleanse, and get a glow than a 190x180mm piece of cloth that’s enriched with provitamin B5 and vitamin E. The wipes made my skin sing, didn’t exacerbate my redness (calmed it, in fact), and cost less than my daily strong flat white. While I appreciate a good cleanser as much as the next person, I haven’t seen my skin look this good since I had an Ocinium facial at the start of the year. Lock me up with a face wipe and throw away the key, people! I. Am. Hooked.

While I used to limit my use of face wipes to flights and camping, I am willing and ready to significantly up their presence in my life. Is anyone else with me? Face wipes: Y/N?