If there’s one thing we always covet post a Stella McCartney show (apart from the clothes, duh) it’s the models’ skin.

It’s that luminous, dewy, completely flawless, wish-you-had-it kind of skin.

We’re not foolish – we know good genes play a part, but to really turn-on the glow we know the models get a little bit of help and, naturally, we want in on their secret.

Cue… Sunday Riley’s 4-step facial, specifically thought-up by the team at the burgeoning brand for Stella McCartney.

It’s their third year working on her show, so I guess you could say they know a thing or two.

Here’s how to give yourself a Stella-approved facial in four steps:

1. Begin with Ceramic Slip cleanser.

Starting with a clean slate is key. Ceramic Slip uses detoxifying French green clay to give you a deep cleanse without drying the skin and black pepper spices things up to get your circulation going.

2. Follow with Good Genes treatment.

The name says it all. Apply Good Genes immediately after Ceramic Slip to instantly exfoliate the skin and speed-up the collagen process.

3. Apply Start Over active eye cream.

A.k.a. what Sunday Riley herself calls “eight hours of sleep in 1 pump”… we’ll have 10 please.

4. Finish with Artemis hydroactive cellular face oil.

This botanical-packed serum clarifies the skin by honing in on congestion. Think of it as your one-way ticket to a clear complexion. All aboard!