With the most angelic face in the business, it’s little wonder Hannah Elyse is a Louis Vuitton favourite and the longstanding face of Australia’s greatest fashion export, clothing label Daisy. The model nearly broke the Internet earlier this year with her pelvic hannya tattoo, and continues to provide us with a stream of envy courtesy of that porcelain skin. From the aforementioned gigs to Kenzo’s latest campaign, the collaborations she picks always seem to align strongly with her own ethos, and that authenticity (combined with her doll-like face) makes her one of our most-loved models.

We nabbed some time with her to chat about her two tattoos, her love of Paris, and living in a little world of her own creation. Suss what products she puts on her face in the above gallery, then get to know her a lil’ better below. Thanks, Hannah!

How long have you been modelling now?
Three years.

What’s it like being a Daisy girl? How did you come to be the face of the brand?
I was friends with Renee [Warne] and Gibson [Fox] before Daisy. I worked with them both for Oyster magazine. I think they just knew I’d love the clothes because of my personality.

What do you find beautiful, in people or in things?
Louis, Paris, the winter.

Can you tell us the stories behind your tattoos? When did you get your first?
I only have two right now. My first was done earlier this year — the hannya by Ryan Ussher in Sydney, Australia. I had seen hannyas tattooed on male’s backs and legs. I loved the meaning behind it and thought the placement of where I chose would be more beautiful. My lover, Louis, tattooed his name on my arm a few months ago in Paris.

What’s it like walking for Louis Vuitton?
I haven’t walked another show that even compares. I feel nothing but love for the entire Vuitton team. The feeling I get on the runway is very strong and beautiful.

How do you spend your spare time?
I hate routine, so I’m constantly wanting to do different things and wander to places I’ve never been. I really am in my own little world, and the only other person that understands that and comes into it is my love.

What’s your favourite film? Why?
I have many. Pulp Fiction, Alien, Leon The Professional.

What social issue is most important to you at the moment? Why?
The justice system.

Are diet and exercise important to you?
I’m not strict about either, but I do eat healthily for the most part. I’m getting back into boxing, too, because that makes me feel good, physically and mentally.

Your skin is beautiful. What do you put on it, morning and night?
I wear makeup often because of my work, and I enjoy doing it myself. I find putting nothing on my face after I remove it works best for me. I breakout less this way. My favourites are my Dior Rouge Dior lipstick in shade 999, the Hoola bronzer by Benefit, a Becca highlighter, and my eyeshadow palettes by Urban Decay. For skincare, I like using Embryolisse and Avène.

What are you most looking forward to?
Moving to Paris with Louis ASAP. I’m inspired the most when I’m there. As well as continuing modelling, I’d like to work on other projects, too.

Is there anything you listen to on repeat?
Eminem, ‘Kim’
Imprisoned, ‘Hard to kill’
The Stooges, ‘No Fun’
Q Lazzarus, ‘Goodbye horses’
Mazzy Star, ‘Fade into you’

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Kelly Geddes.