We don’t always know the way we got home, how many mojitos we consumed or the number of rounds we decided were on us, but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that the hangover hurts.

A Berocca followed by a bloody mary would be our cure of choice, but when real life calls and curing your hangover with another hangover isn’t an option (real life brings real responsibilities, people), we rely on the help of a super-charged smoothie to reset ourselves.

The key is to replenish your body with what it lost the night before (H2o, vitamin b, folate, magnesium, electrolytes etc.) to quickly get it back to its happy state. We did our research to find out which ingredients have the highest potency in the vitamins and minerals our depleted body begs for to come up with this hangover-busting recipe and we’re convinced it works better than a bacon and egg roll.

Here’s to health and hangovers.

By Carmen Hamilton.