Hangovers are a fact of life…unless you’re on a sober curious journey or have given up on alcohol altogether. In which case, we salute you and highly recommend reading one woman’s account detailing her year of sobriety and how to stay there once you’ve made it that far. For the rest of us, let me reiterate: hangovers are a fact of life.

Sometimes a girl gets a touch too excited on a Wednesday night, orders that fourth martini (a necessary faux pas at the time), yelling out to all who will listen: “It’s only a presentation to a major client at 10 am. It. Will. Be. Fineeeeee.” It will so not be fine, but there are things we can do to ease the pain; those little tricks we pull out from time to-time-to make ourselves come off a little less I just rolled off a bar top and more I am a fresh and capable goddess ready to take on the world.

So, we put out the question to our closest confidantes – that’s you guys, FYI – and as usual, you delivered. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of fresh lemon water, and get ready to soak in the world’s best edit of hangover skin routines, According To You.

Biologique Recherche P50 religiously, Goop Vitamin C Glow Powder (2 packs/2litres), Origins Rescue Me mask.” – @antobents

“Face yoga, ice-cold face roller and tons of moisture.” – @ines_sercelj

“Double cleanse, Glam Glow Mud Mask, Fresh Rose Hydration Mask, Drunk Elephant C-Firma Serum.” – @ashleypratt

“Weleda Skin Food as a face moisturiser when I wake up looking like a raisin.” – @madnoliafloral

“A bacon sandwich and a Benton Cosmetics Snail Bee sheet mask.” – @spinsteraesthetics

“Hydration Inner beauty Boost by The Beauty Chef.” – @courtenay.turner

Tall glass of water, Pai cleanser and rosehip oil, Biologique Recherche Visostaline mask.” – @jnnyj0

“Washcloth soaked in cold water and held over the skin!! And lots of moisturizer!” – @zjedwards_

Summer Friday’s Jet lag mask as an all-day moisturizer.” – @estrella5268

“Exfoliate the pain away, spritz and soothing mask.” – @margotmai_

“Sheet masks!!! To hydrate and feel refreshed. Store them in the fridge.” – @taylorranta

“No matter what, wash your face the night before!” – @amandabaxter_official