Every once in a while we find ourselves buying an item of clothing that is versatile in every sense of the word. We can style it countless ways, dress it up or down, wear it almost every day for weeks on end and never get sick of turning it into a different outfit. Current obsession and case in point? Our Frame ‘Le Flare‘ Jeans. Classic.

So when we come across a beauty product that has that same versatility and wearability, we are all. Over. It.

Case in point: we recently bumped into Giselle Farhat, fashion buyer and Founder of My Chameleon at the PFW Givenchy after party (sorry, name dropping, but just let us set the scene here), and all we could comment on was her ridiculously glowing skin. So perfect and flawless, it was like she’d been airbrushed. What a bitch. (Kidding. We love her.) But we had to know what her secret was. Apart from impeccable genes.

La Mer!”. Um, ok, no surprises there, but we wanted to get a little more specific; “It’s a new treatment, The Perfecting Treatment. It’s changed my life!” We know that expression gets thrown around pretty loosely these days; Quitting sugar? Changed my life! Tabata workouts? Changed my life! Broad City? Changed my life! Ok that actually did change our lives, but you get the point… The reality is when someone’s skin looks this good, we are officially interested.

So when we asked Giselle if we could crash her morning routine, she was in. Which soon enough turned into tagging along for an entire day. What a treat. Is it too early for us to move in?

And here’s what went down.

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