In the era of the Boy Brow and ‘90s Brooke Shield fullness, having sparser set, with gaps and all, can leave one feeling naked. Kind of like when a woman cops the infamous “Are you tired?” question when daring to go makeup free. My own brows are not exactly set up for these times that we are living in, so when I decide to go au naturel, I was faced with that irksome, aforementioned question more than once. The downside is I simply LOVE a day bare-faced and fancy-free.

Cue Orveda Eye Unveiler 422. As a brand, their whole MO is geared towards an all-natural, all-luxe beauty routine – one that treats your face like your gut, nourishing the microflora and amplifying its protective barrier. Think kombucha for your skin. Think “feeding” it with nutrients and watching it flourish like our Associate Editor that one time she cut down on coffee.

I was all in it for unveiling a brighter, smoother under eye area. What I did not know was that 422 not only helps to firm and soften lines under the eye, it also promotes lash and eyebrow growth. For someone who has tried with fervor to start using eye cream without success, this came in as something of a golden ticket, a cosmetic get-out-of-jail-free pass. It all sounds too good to be true, right?

Look, I’ll try anything once. So after whispers spread around the office about friends of friends having to pluck their eyebrows more often after using 422, there I was, saying a little prayer as I massaged the cream into my eye and brow area each night.

GAt first, the growth was subtle. But given three weeks, I knew my little brows – that had like so many of brows all over the world, endured the wax era of the ‘00s – were peaking. And I mean, peaking. The price tag is not for the budget-set, so if 2019 is your year to save we might want to look at an alternative. Say, for example, getting tiny hair-like strokes tattooed along your browline (yes, we most definitely did that).

As for those who’ve never been able to keep up the eye cream routine and want the dual benefit of entering into the brow-blessed circle, I would 100% give it a go, and raise a glass of kombucha to a bushier, boy-browed future.