So you’ve locked in your resolutions; most involving eating less sugar, getting more sleep, doing more yoga, buying a juice machine and saving more money. It’s been two weeks and, um, well, that Bollinger over the weekend wasn’t going to drink itself. And that yoga class you were meant to roll up to on Sunday morning? Yeah well let’s just say Feb is the new Jan guys! You’ve got to forgive, forget and move on if you’re ever going to get anywhere in life.

It’s all about the inspiration, and keeping a strong visual on the end game. And one such source of inspiration for us, is the one and only Georgia Fowler aka Victoria’s Secret model of choice for their Pink franchise. When we met her a few months back, let’s just say it was kind of, er, an intimidating experience for anyone whose A) idea of exercise is walking to get the Netflix remote and B) diet includes the regular, cough, occasional chocolate eclair.

Georgia Fowler is that girl we all aspire to. Lean, toned, outrageously positive and happy – she exudes health. So we wanted to get the skinny on what she does, how she does it and how we can all do it at home.

2016 resolutions here we come!

If you could give us 6 moves to help tone your entire body, what would you recommend (and why for each exercise)?

1. Plank – when done properly this positions works your entire core and even legs.

2. Tricep push-ups – do it on your knees and it works those arms beautifully!

3. Squats – for obvious reasons

4. Sit ups on a Swiss ball- it supports your back but also adds an element of instability

5. Tuck-ins with feet on Swiss ball and pull knees into chest- works entire core

6. Burpees- work your full body and raise the heart rate

What sort of at home exercises do you do that help keep you fit and toned?
When I’m traveling I often find myself going days without being able to get to a gym so I will travel with my skipping rope, and resistance bands. It depends what I’m in the mood for but often if I’m at home I won’t do a huge workout but just need a spike in my heart rate to keep myself feeling sane. I will start with some skipping. Then one band can be used tied around a pole to work back, arms, and obliques. The other has velcro that wraps around each ankle and caused tension on the legs to make butt lifts, lunges and leg raises even tougher. I will follow up with an ab workout. I try to change up my routine every time to keep the body guessing – also I need to be entertained. When I have no equipment I will follow a barre dvd, or follow a workout on the Nike Training app. Kirsty Godso has a fabulous ten minute workout  that tones the entire body and gets you sweating!

Do you have one piece of advice for keeping fit?
Just do something, even if it’s only twenty minutes, you will feel better for it and your body will still respond. Also be sure to really think about the muscle you are working and engage the correct muscles with good form. Your body will tone faster if you keep good form with lighter weights than use momentum and potentially hurt yourself.

When do you exercise? Best time of day?
I used to say mornings to get it over and done with, but my schedule is so random these days and I’m always traveling and jet lag so I just try to make it whenever I can.

How do you stay motivated? What keeps you getting up for more every day. 
If I don’t work out in the morning I will take my exercise gear with me to work so I have to go from work straight to the gym, if I went home to get changed and sat down I would never peel myself back up off the couch.

Also, do workouts you enjoy! It doesn’t have to be routine and boring, play tennis, go for walks with friends, let out some steam boxing, dance, and do classes- the instructors and good playlists will always keep you motivated.

Additionally the more you workout the more addictive it becomes so just do it!

What’s the best exercise for toned arms?

The best exercise for toned butt?

Do you take any supplements, or have any health advice to keep you looking so great?
Eat whole foods and avoid anything processed. You won’t get fat eating fruit veggies and lean meats. I avoid dairy because it helps my skin, and I don’t overload on carbs, but I also never ban anything- nowadays lots of people cut out food groups so strictly I believe they end up making any slight intolerances more severe.

Don’t be afraid of good fats, they make you feel satiated, and are great for your hair and skin, I eat a lot of avocado, nuts, and salmon.

If you’re eating from every food group you shouldn’t need to have too many supplements though I know they can help – I’m just too lazy and forgetful. But if I do remember I think probiotics help with digestion and tummy issues, and if I’m ever feeling like a cold is coming on I have as much echinacea & goldenseal as possible, about three with each meal- you just pee out anything you don’t absorb but it’s saved me from getting sick all year.

Have fun too! You can eat healthily and focus on that so much but have a glass of wine, a pizza, and a dance with your friends once in a while too! It will keep you young and what’s the point in having this amazing body if you can’t get out and flaunt it with a big grin!