“I cut my hair recently and got bangs. My hair is really curly, I used to straighten it all the time. Since I’ve like stopped doing that – it feels a little more undone, a little bit cool girl. Everyone’s got straight hair in the industry, so I’ve kind of backlashed, and the quality of my hair is so much better for it.

When my hair was all one length, I used to have to style it and straighten it more. Now I just leave it, put a little cream in the ends, just a little moisture to stop the fly aways and then straighten the ends out.

I use Renee Furterer ‘Lissea’ in my hair after I wash it just on the ends. It’s all natural… it’s super good and not too heavy – It’s been recommended by a few different hair stylists.

I go to a few different hairdressers in New York that I trust in the industry and know they won’t just lop it all off. Often you go to a salon and they’re like ‘oh it’s so dead, we need to cut it all off’… but I need the length for shoots and jobs… so I can’t do that.

I also love Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine. It’s really great, gives it a bit of texture without drying it out so much.

I also use Redken Signature Look Fashion waves – It gives you sea salty hair but also kind of grips it together… making it piece-y without being too dry. Sometimes the sea salt sprays make my hair so dry and brittle, so this is a much better option

Sometimes I’ll straighten the ends with a GHD, just to make it a little bit less girly-girly. But I like it just out of the shower, air dryed.

I’m pretty shocking with the shampoo and conditioners I use. I really like the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette one, it’s a cheapie, but I feel like it’s really moisturising… it smells divine. I travel so much I can’t take big bottles around with me, so I use what I’ve got and then will load it with some oil or Moroccan Oil when I sleep to try and moisturise it a little bit.

When I’ve bought the more expensive options that aren’t meant to strip your hair, they don’t work as well, as I’ve usually got so much product in my hair, they just don’t clean it enough. Sometimes those cheaper ones are more harsh, probably not as good for your hair, but at least it gets all the excess product out.”


I’m pretty simple, I do love makeup but I usually like to keep it light and travel with 5 things. I love Charlotte Tilbury’s contour and highlight palette, ‘Filmstar Bronze and Glow’.

I use a MAC brush and one side is softer than the other, so you can use one side to sculpt and the other side to highlight. You just need a slightly bigger brush to make sure it all blends.

I also love Touche Éclat Blur Perfector  – a whole bunch of makeup artists use it to stop shine. It’s has a kind of airbrush effect, you smooth it under your eyes and it makes everything really smooth, and fills any creases. I use it under my eyes or around my nose as it soaks up any oil and blurs everything. It kind of photoshops your face.

I don’t use foundation, I generally just put concealer on a spot if I have one and try to keep the rest clear otherwise I feel you can look older. I like to keep it fresh.

I recently bought a NARS blush in ‘seduction’ which is a deep plum colour. Initially I thought the colour was a bit scary as I would never use such a deep blush colour, but make-up artists have been using it on jobs a lot lately and it gives you a nice tone on the top of the cheek. I always thought blush made your face look rounder but if you put it on the top of the cheek really lightly, it almost accentuates cheekbones. You definitely have to tap off the excess from the blush before you apply it because the colour is really pigmented and you risk looking a bit 80s!

If I’m travelling and I’m only there for a few days, for something on my eyes, I’ll just use my bronzer, or blush, or my Lucas paw paw. Multipurpose products are great”.

I don’t really use too much lipstick. If I do, I love MAC Russian Red (of course, classic), Cream Sheen in Modesty (more of an orange). To be honest I buy them but I don’t really wear them that often. I do love wearing a lip pared back, nothing else on the face, no mascara.

If I am going to do mascara, I want to really do it, and that comes on really black and very thick, and elongates the lash. Or a soft brown almost looks like you’ve got nothing on.

I use Lucas Pawpaw Ointment but I don’t think of as a lip balm. I like it to use it on my cheekbones or on the bridge of my nose for a bit of a glow. When you’re flying, pop it up your nostrils so you don’t get really dry, or if you’ve got really dry skin or on a cut.

I usually fill my brows using Anastasia Brow Powder, then I hairspray them up using hairspray on a wand.


Vivienne Westwood Boudoir I love, and Chloe’s signature is also one of my favourites. Boudoir is not like a standard perfume, it’s different, not everyone is wearing it. My sister actually uses it and I have always loved it so when I go away it reminds me of her. Once it settles in, it smells like your scent, rather than just a perfume.


Skincare I really need to pick up my game! I try to keep it super simple, the minute I mess around, my skin goes bad.

For my skin, I’m a soap and water girl… or I steal whatever my sister is using! I’ll take my makeup off after a job with BIODERMA Crealine H2O Makeup Remover and when I get home I go over with a flannel to exfoliate it naturally.

My moisturiser,Embryolisse is thick and moisturising, and great for under makeup. If I travel I can put it on then rub it off, to take off my makeup and kill two birds with one stone.

Nuxe Oil for body has a lovely sheen if you’re going out and want to put a little on your collarbone or on your legs and if you mix it with some coconut oil it’s quite subtle. Nice to have that glow!

On health & fitness:

I’m pretty healthy… I’ve feel I strike a good balance. I’ve modelled since I was 16 and was always super sporty. I exercise most days.

I like to mix my exercise routine up. I love SLT in New York, it’s reformer Pilates and it’s really hard, but you feel it sucking you in and making everything tighter. I try to do that once or twice a week. Then Barry’s Bootcamp, which is more of a hardcore cardio burst. Barry’s is similar to Agoga in Sydney. They have part of the workout on the treadmill and part of it with weights and it depends on the class you go to, but some will be more focused on legs, some will be more focused on back and abs, or arms. You need to be fit to go to them because the weights are generally quite heavy. It’s a good group class; they put you on the treadmill you have to sprint, or go on a crazy incline. Lucky it’s a group class as you would just feel like a dick if you were doing that kind of thing at the gym by yourself.

I also mix in a bit of boxing, I see a trainer occasionally for boxing and toning. I would say I exercise about 5 times a week. It’s very random because I travel so much. If I’m in New York and not working, I may go twice a day. I think mixing it up is the best way to change your body. Cardio, walking… I also travel with resistance bands.

I get over taking supplements every day. Viviscal for hair is really good for hair growth so I try to take that when I remember. If I ever feel like I’m getting sick, I take Echinacea & Goldenseal and in big amounts, around 6 pills then I don’t get sick.

I love food and I like to eat a lot of it, but I always make really good decisions. I’d rather eat a big salad, with lots of avocado and protein, than a little sweet thing. Mainly, I focus on a good mix of proteins, fruit and veg. I’m not too strict on anything, I think when you try and get so strict it’s miserable and then you break it. Last night we all had cheesecake and that’s fine, but I don’t do it all the time. I try to have a juice every now and then. I love nuts, avocado, salmon and good fats as it’s really good for your skin. Lots of water – I probably don’t drink enough. Ultimately I feel it depends on where you are and what you’re doing.”

Interview by THE FILE.