Moisturising creams are my “not so secret” obsession. I’ve tried so many of them – from $10 local pharmacy finds to some pretty expensive celebrity-approved bestsellers – that it seems my skin has grown indifferent to the vast majority. Sometimes I’ve even wished all these creams came with two-year legal guarantees (imagine the court cases!).

That is until Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream arrived in my beauty cabinet.

I’ve spent all last summer obsessing over the soothing power of rose face mists (read about that here), so when I came across this rosewater-packed moisturiser, wrapped into a beautiful powder pink glass jar with a violet closure shimmering gently from across the room, I knew I had to try it. It smelled like heaven and I was, in the very least, lured in by the thought of stepping into an imaginary rose garden every morning. Its not-too-thick, not-to-watery formula strikes the perfect balance between the super greasy cold creams my mom used to smear me with when I was a kid (I truly hated it!) and some ultra-light moisturisers that left no trace of hydration on my dry skin.

You know that cool, refreshing sensation that completely perks up a tired complexion? That’s what this cream does. From this day on, I refuse to go without a jar of it on my bathroom shelf. You simply cannot make me.

It’s rich in hydropatches, which strengthen the skin barrier, as well attracts and retains moisture.Rose’s anti-inflammatory qualities are another perk: with continued use it’s helped to tone down the red blemishes that I have been battling with forever. Plum seed oils and an advanced hyaluronic acid complex, both plumps and deeply hydrates (can 100% verify!). Applying it feels almost like your skin has just been drenched beneath a waterfall surrounded by overgrown rose bushes (also can verify!).

We’re required to be good at multi-tasking – so our moisturisers should be too, right? I’ve used this Fresh gem for over a month now and I’ve already restocked two jars…just in case of an apocalypse.

Words and image, Marta Knas.