Scent is the unsung hero of most coming-of-age tales: there’s no greater marker of the passing of time—the journey from girlhood to womanhood—than the perfumes we’ve chosen to accompany us along the way. From the Impulses and the YSL Baby Dolls of our tweens, to the Le Labos and Byredos that now hold a place in our hearts and on our wrists, the journey toward finding one’s signature scent is a satisfying one.

Fragrances are highly personal. Like clothing, they help us to communicate how we’re feeling, or how we want to present ourselves to the world each day. They can recall old memories. They make us feel decadent on a daily basis. There’s no greater feeling than finding a fragrance that speaks to your true self. And so, we bring you Fragrance Week.

This week, we shine the light on all our favourite fragrances (remember our Skincare Awards? It’s like that, but for good smells), ask women we admire to share their fondest scent memories, unpack the link between aphrodisiac and scent, suggest the best fragrances pending your ingredient preference, and take a look at THE FILE’s most treasured scents. Happy reading!