Ask most women what their least favourite part of preening is, and they’ll tell you it’s cleansing. Like taking out the trash, it’s inconvenient, boring, and at times, unpleasant. And like forgetting to call your grandmother, avoidance is followed by resounding pangs of guilt. Cleansing is essential. And so is calling your grandmother. Let’s not forget these two essential facts of life.

When I was given the Foreo Luna 2 For Sensitive Skin to review, I thought, “What value could a cleansing brush really add to my already congested skincare routine?” Well. Let me just skip right to the end, and tell you I was wrong. This adorable, lilac, Swedish-minimal, hygienic silicone multi-tasker has given this heretic’s skin a new lease on life. Plus, it actually makes the process of cleansing kind of fun! Not jet-skiing in the Maldives fun, but fun nonetheless.

Let me now fire off the endless lists of benefits it bestows: It gives you a deep cleanse (duh). It gently buffs away dead skin. It facilitates the absorption of serums and moisturisers. It eliminates blemishes and prevents fine lines from settling. Oh, and it’s also a killer facial massager – great for fast-tracking your way to a perky face in the AM by aiding lymphatic drainage. Veteran makeup artist and YouTube beauty guru, Lisa Eldridge, swears by a daily facial massage while watching re-runs of The Mighty Boosh. The fact that she’s in her forties and says this in a posh English lilt only makes us love her all the more. We digress – the essential lesson to take away from this is that the Luna 2 gives you the circulation-boosting benefits of a facial massage without you having to sit in front of the television for thirty minutes, monotonously pressing your fingers into your face.

The cleansing head is complete with two sides and two settings. Apply your regular face wash, turn on setting one, wet the brush, and run it over your skin in circular motions for one minute. There’s cleansing and exfoliation out of the way. Done. Finito. Now, flip the brush over, turn on setting two, apply a serum, and hold the head over any fine lines and wrinkles. Over time, the low-frequency pulsations relax your facial muscles and reduce any signs of ageing. Basically, it gives you the results of an express facial, at home, whenever you goddam feel like it.

After two weeks of religious Luna 2-ing, I noticed a significant difference in my skin. It’s firmer, more sculpted, more radiant, and completely devoid of bumps and whiteheads. All it takes is two minutes in the shower or at the sink morning and evening. Tempted?

Words, Rose Howard. Photography, Magdalene Shapter