An expert’s guide to facial yoga

True industry secrets are the best secrets, so when we learned that the likes of Jess Hart, Shanina Shaik, Cheyenne Tozzi and NET-A-PORTER’s Gab Hackworthy all visit the same facialist here at a beach-side spot in Bronte, Sydney, naturally, we wanted to know what’s up.

When we contacted the infamous Fumi at Zen Facial for a crash course in facial yoga, we were kind of expecting a routine comprised of awkward facial expressions, wide-mouthed stretches and the kind of frowns we only pull when Saint Laurent goes on sale between pay checks.

What we weren’t expecting to find was an absolute mastermind of the soul and a skin whisperer, of sorts. Fumi is the real deal, people: a qualified yoga teacher and zen shiatsu and meridian therapist, who has also studied complementary medicine and has had 15 years clinical experience. Woah.

In hindsight, we should’ve known. The general consensus from said friends in fashionable places was that when you leave her table, you walk out with a radiating smile, feeling rejuvenated, balanced, calm and more energetic – with a set of cheekbones that you didn’t even know you had.

But as we quickly learned (while we gazed-on – completely mesmerised – as she guided our model through the steps), our face is essentially a road map of our physical, mental and emotional journey. Skin is not just skin deep – it goes much further than that. You can actually improve your skin and muscle tone to give more definition to your facial shape through certain exercises – ones that we’re going to show you today.

Do this routine at night before bed to release the stress and tension of the day from the face. It looks complicated at first, but stick with it a few times and it gets better.

We’ve been doing it whenever we remember, and we seriously wake up looking like we’ve had 12 hours sleep (when reality = 5).

But if you ever find yourself in Sydney, we’d strongly suggest paying her a visit for the full experience – think ocean breeze, aromatic natural oils, and her signature combination of massage and yoga which leaves you looking and feeling 110%.

We like to think of her as our ultimate Zen friend, and we’re pretty sure once you attempt this sequence, she’ll be yours, too.

By Carmen Hamilton.

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