It’s no secret that we love Australian beauty, Jess Gomes, here at THE FILE. Can you blame us? She’s smart, hard-working, kind, and has an innate understanding of style that cannot be taught. On top of being a highly admirable human, she’s created one of our favourite brands of all time, Equal Beauty: a meaningful beauty brand with a high-key emphasis on protection and hydration. Out of the lineup of miracle products that have been making skin glow since early 2017, there’s nothing I’d want to wake up to more on Christmas Day than her Moisture Veil Hydralift + Hydrafirm sheet mask.

Is it just me, or has everyone’s skin taken a hefty battering from the silly season already? I recently had photos taken for a new passport, and, with my puffy eye bags and Sahara Desert sheen, I’ll be very offended if security lets me through the gate using it. I can’t say I’m overly surprised, though. A cocktail of sunny beach days, long hours at the office, and even longer nights out, endless grazing tables, and *literal* cocktails was never going to result in healthy, plump skin. What do I need? Moisture! When do I need it? Now!

The Moisture Veil Hydralift + Hydrafirm comes as a pack of 5 cloth masks (that have an attachment for your ears, so they actually stick to your face). Each one is like a Sunday morning sleep-in for your face—followed by a green superfood smoothie and a dip in a natural spring, that is. Equal Beauty fuses active ingredients from Australia with mask technology comin’ straight outta Japan and Korea for envelope-pushing products that hydrate and lift. Cool!  The Moisture Veil’s 3D sculpting mask technology gets nice and snug in the contours of your face for prime skin contact and delivery of natural moisturising factors. The result? Hydrated, lifted, firm skin. I’d recommend pairing it with the Equal Beauty Super Mist for max satisfaction. 

Make you skin sing this holiday season with Equal Beauty’s Moisture Veil Hydralift + Hydrafirm, or go down the selfless route, and gift one to your BFF.

Photography, Sarah Adamson.