Light up your favourite girl’s life (and face) this Christmas with the Elizabeth Arden Christmas Colour Blockbuster. Every makeup essential under the sun is contained in this red hot case, and whoever’s on the receiving end is guaranteed to re-live the joy they felt as a six year old discovering their mum’s makeup for the first time.

Although, instead of ~impressing~ your mum by drawing on the walls with her most expensive lipstick, or using the entire contents of her makeup draw to give yourself the appearance of a circus clown, like you assumedly did back in the day, you can use the kit to try out all the latest beauty trends. Coca Cola lips? You betcha. The Graphic Eye? 100%. The revival of the Y2K glossy lips? Get. It.

And you have all the tools at your disposable to try it out. There’s plenty of lipsticks, blushes, lipglosses, mascaras, lip and eye pencils, and more eye shadows than you can poke a makeup brush at (or the 7 brushes that are included in the set, to be exact).

Get it here.

Words, Madeleine Woon