I thought my days of screaming in delight when opening a present were well behind me, but turns out I was very, very mistaken. Why? Because Elizabeth Arden’s Christmas Colour Blockbuster exists, and it seems to have been put on Earth to rouse excitement in even the most hardened gift receivers (like me) this Christmas. Outside of stirring enthusiasm in the Grinches of the world, the Colour Blockbuster is delightfully luxe and packed to the rafters with traffic-stopping makeup that will see you through 2018 and beyond.

“But what do I actually get?” I hear you cry! I’m glad you asked. If your loved one were to unwrap the Blockbuster on Christmas morning, they’d be met with the following goodies: an eyeshadow palette with 16 shades; 4 lipsticks ranging from red to nude; a compact containing 2 blushes and a highlighter; 2 lip gloss minis, a mascara; a lip pencil; an eye pencil, a mini bottle of makeup remover, and a 3-piece brush set. What a mouthful!

While you’d be tempted to load up a makeup gun (à la Homer Simpson) and go to town on your face with this much makeup at your disposal, each individual product could stand alone as its own beautiful present, and should be treated as such. The lipsticks are high quality, extremely moisturising, and will stay on your lips all night (even if you wind up under someone’s mistletoe spell). The mascara? Your lashes will be comparable to Bambi’s (not to be confused with human Bambi). The shimmer powder will give you that enviable summer glow, the blushes will provide the perfect amount of colour, the eye pencil will allow you to get your wing on, and the glosses will make sure you shine as bright as the angel atop your Christmas tree. And, when the fun is over, the makeup remover will be there to wash it all off. Heaven.

Anyway, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got to go—there’s a shopping cart in the next tab waiting for me. I’ll give you one guess as to what’s in it… Wow, you’re good! If you’re looking to fill your own cart with the Elizabeth Arden’s Christmas Colour Blockbuster, you can do so here.

Photography, Sarah Adamson.