You’ve probably heard about this thing called dry body brushing.

Miranda Kerr swears by it, Gwyneth Paltrow does it daily (and let’s face it, anything GOOP-approved is good with us), but to tell you the truth, until now we’ve been wondering how the hell scraping yourself with a scratchy brush can actually fight-off cellulite and, more to the point, how the eff do you do it?

Basically, it exfoliates the skin, increases circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. This helps with a whole lot of stuff, like getting rid of toxins and assisting all the good stuff in your blood to move into your cells. It also increases collagen production and elastin fibres, making it a natural anti-ageing treatment.

It’s our favourite way to wake up in the morning. It gets the blood pumping and feels invigorating.

The #1 rule is to always brush towards your heart (and the major lymph nodes), but if you’re still totally confused (we were at first), read on to see how to do it the right way (and get maximum benefits).

By Carmen Hamilton.