The countdown to Christmas is in full throttle, and if you’re still yet to buy presents for your loved ones (guilty), then boy do we have the best last minute gift for you. It’s Diptyque’s Philosykos fragrance, and it’s currently emanating from the wrists and décolletages of ~It girls~ everywhere. It is to the beauty world what a basket bag is to the fashion pack: unique yet familiar, and cool as a bloody cucumber.

We’ve already established that Diptyque houses both the masters of good smells and even better Christmas presents, but this perfume goes one step further. I’ve had people chase me down the street to ask what perfume I’m wearing, so heavenly does it smell. If you want a confidence boost in the form of a compliment from a friendly stranger, sign on up. Moreover, if you want to feel like you’re constantly taking a stroll through a Greek market, casually brushing against crates of green figs, this is your ticket. With hints of coconut and sunny, leafy greens, I’m here to tell you that it is *literally* impossible to feel sad while wearing this. 

The smell recalls long days spent lazing at the beach, chatting to your best friends about where the afternoon’s Aperol spritz session will take place. It smells like the turn of the season; those first warm whispers of summer on the horizon, or like 11:59 on NYE, with an entire year of possibilities laid out in front of you. Sensual and feminine, it is the perfect companion to the ensuing summer months. It also ticks the boxes when it comes to aesthetics and longevity. What are you still doing here? Purchase a bottle here before time slips through your fingers like sand through an hourglass. Whether it’s a gift for yourself, your partner, your fam, or friend, this is the freshest present going this Christmas.

Photography, Sarah Adamson.