We’re not saying that gift giving should ever be a competition, but if it was, the Clarins Sweet Kisses Collection would win you the cutest present of 2016. The super swish pack contains three lip oils in three au natural shades – Honey, Raspberry and Red Berry – and will have people missing your kisses more than they ever did Nikki Webster’s at the Y2K Olympics. It’s not every day a gift can compete with our ~national treasure~, is it?

Not only is the pack itself adorable as sin, the oils will help to fix even the most Sahara desert-like lips, making them smooth, plump and endlessly pout-worthy. And all you grown ups who catch yourself fondly looking back on a time when wearing lipgloss in public was a perfectly acceptable thing to do, now’s the time to get on the lip oil gravy train — they are the cooler, less sticky, much more fancy version of your early noughties obsession.

The Clarins lip oils combine the moisture of your favourite balm, the colour of your favourite lippy and the shine of your favourite gloss. So put down the lip liner, step away from the lipstick, bid adieu to all the lip glosses you’ve been hoarding for years but never use, and give your lips a well-earned vacay this Summer.


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Words, Madeleine Woon