When the words “holiday” and “calendar” are coupled together, you’d be forgiven for imagining a flimsy cardboard advent calendar full of cheap chocolate, or inspirational life quotes and cute puppies dressed in seasonal garb.

But let’s be real, when the name Charlotte Tilbury is associated with something, you expect a bit of luxury and a bit of magic. And this year she’s here to one-up the traditional concept with her 2016 World of Legendary Parties Advent Calendar.

Instead of oddly satisfying plastic-y chocolate, Charlotte’s calendar contains the best of her collection; 12 dreamy pint-sized beauty products with cult classics like the ‘Magic Cream’ and ‘Mini Supermodel Body’. If there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t believe in magic and/or supermodels, then we are yet to find them.

We also don’t often throw around claims like “the perfect gift”, but we’re willing to make an exception in this case.

Get it here.

Words, Madeleine Woon