Remember our Skincare Awards back in early September? Well, we’re back! This time we turn our attention to all the fragrances, old and new, that have claimed a spot on our wrists and décolletages. From classic to citrus and everything in between, these are the fragrances we keep re-purchasing, find ourselves gushing to our besties about, and stare lovingly at on our bathroom shelves for inappropriate amounts of time.

The perfumers at Byredo are the undisputed masters of good smells. We stuffed our Christmas stockings with their Cotton Poplin candles last year. Byredo’s Gypsy Water kabuki was recently anointed my new BFF. Countless beauty girls have sung the praises of various Byredo fragrances in the depths of our profile sections. Now, we’ve got our sights nostrils set on Rose Noir.

First things first: I’ve routinely proven that I love a good noir, be it a film or Pinot. While the “noir” element in this points to darkness, I found it to be a charming perfume that perfectly complements the unseasonably warm spring weather we’ve been copping down here in the Southern Hemisphere lately. In saying that, it’s a qualitative, unique take on rose—ask our founder, Carlie Fowler, who usually deplores rose-scented products but would probably pry this out of my cold, dead hands if forced. It has enough moodiness to qualify it as an autumnal/winter go-to, opens with flecks of freesia and rose, and dries down to an almost woody, musky scent.

There’s no greater signifier of love, desire, and devotion than a rose. The rose has freckled throughout popular culture as far back as the mind can recall, from American Beauty and Beauty And The Beast to the latest season of The Bachelorette. Why not take a less perishable approach to showing your loved ones how much you J’adore them, presenting them with the bottle equivalent of a fresh bunch of roses? Need more convincing? See our v serious review below.

If Rose Noir was a mood: Lust
A language: French
A place: The Maldives
A person: Kate Winslet
An era: The 50s
A song: Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You
A time: 9pm
A character: Romeo of Romeo and Juliet
A YouTube video: This

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Ellen Virgona.