Rosacea is a deeply personal skin concern, each with its own fixes and solutions, varying from person to person. In this week’s episode of According To You, a very trustworthy source (that’s you guys!) flooded in with the products you swear by. We soon found ourselves amidst a sea of the weird, the wonderful and the totally unexpected, including a green serum to counteract redness, gentle weekly chemical peels, a generous serving of SPF, and even an inexpensive tube of nappy rash cream.

For a holistic guide to dealing with hypersensitivity, redness and skin flareups read all about what two of our go-to aestheticians had to say. Before you do though, we’d highly recommend adding a few of the below to your cart.

“REN Evercalm range!! Cold water and ceramides!! Also the radical peel pads help.” – @zjedwards_

“Dr Jarts cooling green serum to reverse the red color.” – @oliviaagrady

“Vitamin C, retinol, lots of hydration, sunscreen, enzymatic peeling once a week.” – @carmenpreyero

“Cera Ve, zinc masks + facial massage every day. No fragrances.” – @vielamanda

“Cold wash cloth or cool air.” – @katebattershell

“Dr Jarts + Cicapair Tiger Grass Treatment soothes my redness.” – @wifeofatreacherman

“Soolantra, TO Azeliac Acid, DE CFirma and Uriage Roséliane mask.” – @pattysyntos

“Dr. Barbara Sturm calming serum.” – @katholden_

“Vitamin C serum, rosex gel (from Australia), Avène anti-redness masque.” – @hailsalexander

“Up&Up (Target Brand) Diaper rash cream.” – @shesdoinokay

“Eucerin redness relief.” – @ashleysarro

“Oaty Dream Cream shower cream by Lush! Also works for eczema.” – @kacekelly

“Avene XeraCalm Oil Cleanser.” – @crumbscrumbs98295