You haven’t properly “beached” until you’ve rolled onto the sand carrying all your belongings in an Among Equals bag. The Bilum bag is a cultural icon in Papa New Guinea —  the beautiful hand sewn bags have been made in PNG for centuries by incredibly talented female artisans.

Among Equals founder Caroline Sherman first started working with makers in three communities in the highlands of PPNG in 2014, helping to bring the v desirable bags to our sunny shores. And we’re 100% glad she did, because we never want to carry our towels/books/wallet in anything else, ever again.

Once the bags have made their way from Papa New Guinea to Down Under, Among Equals spice them up with super cute pom poms, tassels and hand painted wooden beads. The result is the perf level of elevated ~boho chic~ and carrying around one of these bad boys will instantly make you feel like you’re in Morocco listening to Jimi Hendrix (aka heaven). Buy one for your fave mate this Christmas, and know that you’re both helping to empower women in PPNG and helping to improve their style tenfold.

Make this Christmas a free-spirited one with an Among Equals bag.

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Words, Madeleine Woon.