Goddamn the 90s were the best. Elaine from Seinfeld was our goofy queen, Kate Moss our #goals well before that was even a thing, and Alex Mack our true hero. When we weren’t trying to keep our tamagotchis alive on the DL in class, we were pumping Britney Spears and Ashanti on our discmans and trying to smash our personal bests on Super Mario Kart. The only real responsibility we had in life was to have fun and hang out with our mates, and let’s be real, the fashion at the time was unsurpassable. Three words: piercings and jeans.

Time travel isn’t a thing yet unfortch, but with the help of our good mates at Rolla’s and our pal J.Colby Smith, we can help you relive some of the best days of our youth (/life). Rolla’s are the undisputed master of denim threads, and will have you feelin’ like a 90s mega babe meets modern chic in no time.

J. Colby is the coolest piercer on the scene. His piercings give a nod to the 90s counterculture scene, but in a super pared-back, delicate and beautiful way. No surprises that he’s won over people like Zoë Kravitz and Sky Ferriera. If you weren’t lucky enough to get a piercing with him while he was in town, hanging out with THE FILE and our mates at Koda Cutters in Bondi, you should still do your 90s self a favour, and cop some of his finest work here.

Clothing: Reformation Top