Good eyelashes are wasted on the boys. When I was ten, I remember noting that my best male friend had a set of eyelashes so long and lush they could have taken out the lead role in a Maybelline commercial. This has continued throughout my life. The internet is brimming with conspiracies as to why this might be. Some are crazier than others. For example, the Yahoo ~best answer~ reckons it’s because “The male has always had to be the one to attract and woo the female of the species, so the male has been endowed with features [that] stand out more than the female’s.” Righto.

Regardless of the validity of the above claim, we’re constantly trying to get thicker, fuller lashes, and the hunt for the perfect mascara to get us there is a long one. We’re never bound to any one mascara. Unlike our ride-or-die serums and moisturisers, polyamory seems to fly when it comes to the makeup that cuddles our eyelashes. I, myself, currently have three on the go.

Sometimes it’s nice to focus all your love on one thing, though, hence me asking each person in the office what their número uno mascara is (myself included!). These are my findings:

By Terry Terrybly Waterproof Mascara

Before I met By Terry’s Terrybly Waterproof mascara, my general approach to applying mascara was as uncoordinated as it gets, involving me vigorously raking the brush over my eyelashes until I was convinced they’d reached optimum volume and length. If that method sounds physically and mentally demanding, it’s because it was. So, naturally, I was overcome with euphoria when I discovered that I need only once sweep the voluptuous bristles of By Terry’s mascara over my eyelashes to achieve the same effect. Very efficient. As the name suggests, its waterproof formula makes it doubly as useful in situations involving the anticipated or spontaneous appearance of H2O. — Magdalene Shapter, Editorial Assistant


Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara

Mascara is my biggest thing. I’m not super into make-up — I’m mostly into skincare and having a clear, even complexion, but mascara is the one make-up item I can’t live without. For me, a good mascara is one that you can layer, from a very subtle daytime look to a heavier, more dramatic evening look. A friend once told me you get the best effect when you layer mascara, about 3-4 coats on each eye (only on the top, just one coat on the bottom). Wait a few seconds between coats (it’s important it doesn’t dry), and you’ll get the best result. It works. When I first saw Perricone MD’s No Mascara Mascara, the name (almost) sold it to me… I don’t like to look like I’ve tried too hard with make-up, so anything natural-looking, I’m into. I was thinking this would be super subtle, but it was much more defining, lengthening, and curling than I thought it would be. With one or two coats (any more and my lashes started to look spidery), it goes on beautifully, and won’t smudge during the day. It’s also a treatment mascara, containing a serum that helps grow your lashes. I haven’t been using it for long enough to see if that’s true, but a quick Google tells me it’s legit. — Carlie Fowler, Founder & Editor


Ilia Mascara

Much to my disdain, my skin was recently admitted to the sensitive ward. I soon learned that not only was I to steer clear of any and all chemicals/acids/peels, but toxic mascaras, too. I know! I know. Does non-toxic mascara exist? Where do I find it? Do they make it in brown? I was overwhelmed with (my own) questions. Fast forward four or so months, and I’m reviewing Ilia’s ~natural~ mascara in Nightfall, which, luckily for me, boasts a non-toxic formula. I don’t fuss around much with my eye makeup. A couple of swipes in the morning is all I really have time for, and I’m not asking anything more of this mascara. The brush is quite delicate, and oft feels as though it might break off and set my routine back another ten minutes. Nevertheless, the formula is subtle, which is just the way I like it. — Betsy Greaves, Site Producer


Nars Audacious Mascara

“Girl, you look hot, and don’t you know it” is probably what I would have said to my reflection after applying Nars’ Audacious Mascara for the first time if I were the type of person to talk to myself in the mirror. I came for the matte casing/red brush (so Christian Louboutin, amirite?) and stayed for the smudge, clump, and flake-proof formula. — Madeleine Woon, Associate Editor