Sabrina Meijer is a trooper. She’s pretty much gone from having everything to next to nothing and picked herself up again. It is this mentality that “everything happens for a reason” why we here at THE FILE are loving her vibe – a girl who has built a career amongst the sometimes self-obsessed world of social media, yet remained so grounded and true to herself.

Writing online for ten years under the handle ‘afterDRK’, Sabrina experienced a bloggers version of a natural disaster when a database crash saw her lose absolutely everything to her name – digitally speaking – leaving nothing but an empty hard-drive behind. Photos. Videos. Contacts. Stories. The works. Fuck. Fleetinging panicked, she soon dusted herself off and took it as a sign that the Universe was telling her it was indeed time for something new. So following a love she developed for photography throughout her blogging career, Sabrina used the crash as a chance to launch iminto.IT Magazine; a platform of visual imagery and fashion photography. Once again, following her heart.

Floating around her top floor apartment in Amsterdam with a view of the city skyline, Sabrina oozes Scandinavian cool. Having studied graphic design, her space is filled with what collectables from travels and experiences gone by. Putting outfits together according to the ‘daily bike demands’ Sabrina heroes one piece and keeps the rest simple…an ethos paralleled by her beauty regime. Fresh-faced and dressed for any occasion, you wonder how she stays so  so down-to-earth with over 100,000 devotees following her everyday. Maybe it’s just her innate sense of self, or the advice she lives by, “only share online what you would be comfortable with appearing on the biggest screen on Times Square”, either way, Sabrina Meijer is proof  of two things. 1) If you’re careful, sharing yourself online doesn’t mean losing who you are online, and 2) Back ups are for pussies.

Words, Tabatha Turner. Photography, Boy Frey

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